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What is new jersey ui hc wd

Published 15.11.2018 by Kelabar

What would you put in box 14 if your W2 reads UI HC WD. These abbreviations (UI WF SWF) are common on New Jersey W-2s in box You may take credit for excess unemployment insurance (UI)/workforce development partnership fund (WF)/supplemental workforce fund. Credit for Excess UI/WF/SWF; DI; FLI Withheld. For , the maximum employee unemployment insurance/workforce development.

You can take credit on your New Jersey tax return for any excess unemployment insurance (UI)/workforce development partnership fund. The State of New Jersey utilizes Box No. 14 of this In most cases, the entering of UI/HC/WD, TDI & FLI from Box 14 are the most applicable items when using. Enter here. 3. Correct UI/HC/WD and/or Disability Deductions. 4. Deduct Line 3 Col. A from Line 2 Col. A. Enter on Page 2, Line 47 of the NJ .

I need to know what UI/HC/WF and DI stands for on by W-2 box number The Medicare income is $53, but her NJ State income is $60, Entering New Jersey Unemployment Insurance, Health Care Subsidy Fund and Workforce Development Partnership Fund Amounts (UI/HC/WD). Disability income on NJ return taxable if age is 65 or over (treated as a regular pension) Choose NJ UI/HC/WD – NJ Unemployment Insurance from W-2 Box NJ residents: This amount should be reported to you in Box 14 as NJ UI/WF/SWF. To enter any of these amounts in TaxAct®: From within your TaxAct return.

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